Client: Nomads Den - Workation in South Africa

Client story: Nomads Den (South Africa)

From time to time, Fat Dassie likes to provide insights into our clients. Today, we’ll focus on Nomads Den – a luxurious accommodation situated in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Nomads Den caters specifically to the needs of remote workers and those seeking workations. As their online presence partner, Fat Dassie helps Nomads Den to enhance their digital footprint.

Background of Nomads Den

Nomads Den was founded by Pim and Veerle to cater to the needs of remote professionals facing unique challenges in a safari area like Hoedspruit, South Africa. Common issues such as unreliable internet connectivity, unstable power supply due to load shedding, and accommodations designed for short-term holidays are prevalent. To combat these issues, Nomads Den offers power backup solutions, dual internet connections (including a fast 500mbit fiber line), multiple desk setups, and a conducive work-life balance environment. Additionally, the location is one of the best imaginable, providing a true safari experience while being practical in proximity to town. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the dry riverbed and ample wildlife passing by.sinesses. A modern website is essential to showcase your business and attract guests. With an international audience, your website needs to be fast, user-friendly, and mobile responsive to compete. A professional website design can help elevate your business and stand out in a crowded market. Don’t miss out on potential bookings by neglecting your online presence.

It is important to discuss the goals of your website

Website for Nomads Den

Fat Dassie designed a website for Nomads Den that is sleek and consistent with the brand’s image. The primary objective was to optimize the website’s visibility on Google through excellent SEO, integrate a blog section, and launch the website before the completion of the actual construction. This strategy enables Nomads Den to establish an online presence and expand on it as the construction progresses, even before the final imagery is available. The website features a direct online booking button that visitors can easily locate.

Content Creation for Nomads Den

As the construction at Nomads Den is not yet complete, Fat Dassie is helping to produce videos and photographs that provide bookers with an accurate depiction of the experience they can expect at the accommodation. For instance, Fat Dassie created the video header on the main page of Nomads Den, which effectively captures the essence of the business and resonates with the owners’ vision. Later this year, Fat Dassie will create a comprehensive business portfolio and a video reel showcasing all aspects of Nomads Den.

Follow Nomads Den in their journey

Pim and Veerle are committed to keeping the community updated on the progress of Nomads Den through their blog. You can follow them online and on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop. Bookings are now available, and the first dates have already been reserved. As a temporary promotion, they are offering a 20% discount to those who book during the construction phase. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!